Some say believing in Ahnsahnghong is VERY unusual

I have seen many people questioning the ex-members, of how awful things were when they were back in the World Mission Society Church of God.

Hmmm.. You think their testimonies are true? We all know that many people wander around from religion to religion, and they tend to secede because they don’t fit in. However, none of those people tell nice things about those religious organizations they were in before.

So, I’m telling you. If the ex-members are telling you negative things about the World Mission Society Church of God and the founder Ahnsahnghong, you must consider their opinions with hard evidence.

How can we know if we are on the right track? Whether World Mission Society Church of God is true or not?

If you want to confirm yourself, whether you’re on the right track, you must consider two things:

1. Is the World Mission Society Church of God creating problems in the society?

2. Is the World Mission Society Church of God following the teachings of the Bible?

Let us realize the reality about the modern society of today.

People are trying to degrade people’s reputations just because they are different from theirs. Besides, we can tell who’s worth to be trusted by their attitude.



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Well personally, I believe that Ahnsahnghong is…

Ahnsahnghong is God? WMSCOG

Is World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) the true church?

Where can we find God? Do all churches follow God according to God’s words?

I’ve attended the WMSCOG for more than 10 years now. And all that I can say is, that the World Mission Society Church of God is the true church that revives my soul every day.

I can feel so much happiness every day. 🙂

So what do the members of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) say?

This is Michael’s testimony about his experiences he had while attending the World Mission Society Church of God for three years.
He says “You will never be disappointed.”

All the members are full of joy and happiness.

They all say that Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother are the true Saviors who came to this world to save us from this world full of sorrow and pain. 🙂

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Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother lives Solely for Us

Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother lives Solely for Their Children

In my childhood, I surely was a troublemaker.

Raising me up, my parents said they felt as if they were raising ten naughty children.

Every day I tripped, fell, and broke things around me that I wasn’t supposed to.

I was full of curiosity and just couldn’t stand still.

My desire of knowledge did not stop a bit.

That’s why my mom always worried that I might hurt myself badly.  

Worrying that I might become crooked, she really took good care of me.  

Growing up well under the shade of my “mom,” I was badly caught in the net of “puberty.”

I heard puberty mostly lasts for one or two years, but I don’t know why I had to go through for four years.

My mom tried to persuade me and did everything that she possibly could.

Whenever she tried to take care of me more often, the more I would be trying to go astray.

However, my long roaming years eventually ended by my mom’s love.

After all those years, I finally got to question how she felt.

“Mom, how did you feel when I almost led myself astray?”

“It was my first time I wanted to die!”

I was really surprised.

A strong mom like her saying that she wanted to die because of me?

I somehow felt how the love that the parents had towards their children.

My mom still worries that I might be crooked again.

If I commit the same mistakes and give her another hard time, I would say I would be the meanest daughter.

I would never want to do anything that would give my mom a hard time.

Till now, Heavenly Mother‘s heart is swollen by her thousands and more than ten thousands of children every day.

For all this, She never hates us and prays for us, worrying that we might be deceived by Satan’s evil schemes.

God the Mother truly and solely lives for Her children.

I would never forget Heavenly Mother’s love and proclaim that love to the whole world.

I truly want to solely live for our Heavenly Mother.


Let’s all rejoice for the eternal love and grace of our God Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, for allowing us to dwell in their nest of love; the World Mission Society Church of God.

It is only the WMSCOG that surely maintains the true love of Christ.

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SEEK FOR THE TRUTH – WHAT’s the reason for your life? WMSCOG

LOVELY ESSAY by a member of the World Mission Society Church of God – The finger that hurts the most

They say that you wouldn’t understand parents’ heart unless you had a child.
One thing that I was thankful raising my two children was that they grew up well, beautifully, and healthily.

However, back in the old days when I wasn’t married, I hurt my parents many times.
Thinking that I was the very person who scorched my parents’ heart from the point I was born, I feel so sorry.

I had an operation of grinding my back bone from an illness that no one knew about.
In the U.S. army, I happened to have an operation on a cold operating table without anesthesia.
I wailed as if the hospital might explode, and that surgical scar that I got that day still remains.

I just remember that it hurt so much that I thought I cried to death. But outside the operating room my parents hearts would have sunk and have regretted for they couldn’t do anything instead of me.

“Maybe you have weak eyesight and are always sick because you were so frightened during the surgery.”

My mom still worries about about that day.
Whenever she says that, I just put her at ease saying, “Oh, Mom, it’s not because of that, don’t worry.”
But she still doesn’t feel comfortable and turns her back and weeps. Seeing her crying, my eyes also well up with tears.

These days, I constantly miss my parents whom are currently living in the countryside.
Though they didn’t have much, they raised me well, and I eventually married.
Whenever I’m on the phone with my mom, she always says, “You’re the finger that hurts the most,” that every child is precious to his parents.
I live far away from them and rarely call them, but the parents’ love for their child is just endless.

Through my parents; sacrificing for me until the end, I realize Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s love.
Despite of the endless sacrifice for many of Their children, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother hide Their sufferings and pains.
The children are too ignorant to understand Heavenly Parents’ love.
How can we repay for their infinite grace?

At this moment, I don’t envy anything at all.
I believe that I am the wealthiest person since I believe in Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother (God the Mother), and that I am a child receiving that love in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

Thank You Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for allowing Your endless love to this lacking child. I love You for ever and ever.

Ah.. Our Heavenly Christ Ahnsahnghong and our Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) new Jerusalem!

How can I describe Their infinite love with words? No words can describe Their precious love and sacrifice that touches the whole universe.

’tis the most blessful moment of my life dwelling in the World Mission Society Church of God. The World Mission Society Church of God gave me the resolution for my life.

The reason for your life can also be answered in the WMSCOG, since it is the only place where you can meet the true Saviors; Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

See news about WMSCOG here.

See more about the truth here.


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Turf war for salvation – Is World Mission Society Church of God really the true church?

Essay by a member of the WMSCOG

Black-tailed gull’s hatchlings

“Squack, Squack.”

You would have once seen a bunch of gulls crying noisily, covering a whole island.

I have seen a documentary which was about the black-tailed gull’s life. This black-tailed gull lays its four to five eggs in the bushes of a deserted island during May to August, and incubates them.

With an effort, the hatchlings try to survive by remembering their mother’s voice.

Those noisy cries were made by the hatchlings; voices calling for their mother.

Since multiple numbers of black-tailed gulls live in a small space, their turf war is intense.

The bushes are threatening place for the hatchlings, who cannot distinguish what they see. That’s why a young hatchling isn’t an exception as a target of attack.

If one of the gulls crosses over its territory, the hatchlings’ lives are in danger. That is why by nature, the hatchlings rely on their mother’s voice.

When the mother alerts, the hatchlings come together in haste, drop their heads down, and wait until their mother’s warning to be canceled.

After listening to their mother’s approval that it’s alright, they then loosen up their bodies and move here and there.

The black-tailed gull cannot distinguish the voice of its own hatchlings.

That is because it cannot catch the change of their hatchlings’ voice, since the hatchlings grow too quickly.

So when the hatchlings shrink with alert and do not snuggle into their mother, the mother gull; deluding itself that they are hatchlings of another gull, attacks them.

The other gulls also distinguish their hatchlings with the hatchlings’ behavior.

It is pitiful to watch young hatchlings being attacked by another mother gull. When a hatchling of another violates a territory, the mother gull of that territory attacks it until it dies.

The poor hatchling struggles to survive, but most of the hatchlings die because they have left their mother.

That’s why on the island, you can see dead hatchlings here and there.

When I noticed the hatchlings can only survive from the enemies by remembering their mother’s voice, and following what their mother said.  Seeing the mother trying to protect its hatchlings, it reminded me of the heavenly world.

Though we cannot see the invisible world, it brought me to attention thinking that the battle with the evil spirits would also be intense. Heavenly Mother, protects us from many attacks of the evil spirits, and teaches us that we must obey God’s words, in order for us to return to our heavenly home.

I truly give thanks to Heavenly Mother, for protecting these weak children’s souls under Her wings, and leading us with love to Heaven.

Until the day when we go back to our home, I will become a faithful child who listens attentively to our Heavenly Mother’s voice with obedience.

Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother of Love! I give eternal thanks to You for allowing me to realize how much love and efforts You are putting for me to realize Your love. This sinner truly repent for not listening fully to Your precious words that are more precious than the finest gold or silver.

Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, I give thanks to You for ever and ever.

May the whole universe praise Your name till we go back to the true hometown Heaven. Amen.

See more about World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG NEWS)

A great site that will assure you that Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother are truly God Almighty. (MY GOD AHNSAHNGHONG)

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Why do we need to believe in Ahnsahnghong?

We all are living on this earth full of pain and sorrow that we can never neglect nor does it ever disappear from our minds.

But if you truly meet Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who is the Savior for this age of the Holy Spirit, we can surely overcome. 🙂

Here’s a wonderful realization about Christ Ahnsahnghong’s love.

Father’s love that I later realized


My father raised us; three children, all alone.


And among those children, he loved me most, who resembled him.


During childhood, he used to take me on his motorcycle when he went hunting or fishing.


I also loved to follow him wherever he went.


As I became a junior high, I liked hanging around with my friends instead of spending time with my father.


“Your dad’s here.”


It was when we were having P.E.


I quickly said it wasn’t my father and ran away.


Noticing that I was embarrassed of him, he silently left without calling my name.


From that day, he didn’t visit my school.


As I became a grownup, I started to come home really late.


My father used to save meat dishes that he made for dinner. Then, he would call me to his room and fed me.


With annoyed look and voice, I would go to my room, saying that I was exhausted and sleepy.


In those years, I couldn’t realize.


The love of my father who waited for me spending all night without sleep, making sure the room was warm enough.


There was a time when I received a gallstone operation.


Since I had no mother, it was my father’s duty to look after me.


My gallstone got infected after the operation and had to be hospitalized for a month.


My father would come to the hospital 7 in the morning and went home 11 in the evening.


Though he spent his whole month for me, this immature daughter was annoyed of him being closed to me and thinking that my friends were uncomfortable with him, I would go to places where he was not present.


I would fume and fret to my father who looked after me every day.


I even starved myself saying that I’ve lost my appetite.


My father would then pack some food at home and come to the hospital which took 3 hours by bus.


Worrying that I needed to eat well in order to take strong medicine, he would always prepare the food nice and warm.


Early morning till late night he would only consider me, but I fumed and fretted and was annoyed with him.


When I finally realized my father’s silent love, he was no longer with me.


That regret still remains in my heart thinking that I should have realized sooner.


As time passes by, I realize how deep and wide my father’s love was.


And then I started to think about Heavenly Father.


I see myself how carelessly I considered Heavenly Father’s untiring love, coming to this earth to give us life.


How painful his heart must have been whenever I neglected Father’s love.


I promised myself not to leave regret in my heart again.


As a child who has received Heavenly Father’s great love, I now want to get on his side and become a child who can give him joy.


We all can experience wonderful things while attending the World Mission Society Church of God, and we all share these fragrances with brotherly and sisterly love in WMSCOG.

The Saviors for these age of the Holy Spirit; Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother is truly with us in the World Mission Society Church of God.

Let’s all realize Christ Ahnsahnghong‘s love and sacrifice and realize more of Heavenly Mother’s love who is still on this earth with these sinners.


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Personal experience while attending the WMSCOG – Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother

This is another wonderful essay by a member in the World Mission Society Church of God. (Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother)

A toenail

It was on one sizzling hot summer day, as if the heat would melt down the road.

My seven-year-old son kept on pestering me to go to the cool fountains in the park.

Thinking that I had to wait in the heat with a towel, for him to have fun in the water, I couldn’t even consider about going.

But of course, my child would never give up.

“Okay… okay… Fine. Let’s go.”

Having a smile ear to ear, my son was full of joy and kept on humming.

When we arrived at the park, seeing him enjoying the cool water, I also felt refreshed and I thought I made the right choice.


Checking one of my text messages, I heard a shrieking sound. My son was sitting on the bare ground and crying. When I went close to him, I noticed his toe was bleeding. While I was looking away from him, playing with his shoes off, his toe got stuck in one of the fountains. And trying to get his toe out, his toenail fell off.

I carried him on my back and ran to the ER.

For that small moment, my toes felt so painful as if my own toes were cut off. I was also so anxious. He took an X-ray examination on his toe to make sure he didn’t break any bones.

Fortunately, there weren’t any bones broken. The doctor took off the piece of flesh narrowly hanging on to his toe, and put on some ointment after disinfecting the wound. Though it hurt, my son couldn’t possible cry because he was nervously glancing on me, because he knew he refused to listen to his mother who told him not to take his shoes off.

‘That little toe dressed in a bandage…

How painful would it be?

Oh, I told him to listen to his mother.

No, I had to watch him every single moment….’

I regretted and felt guilty at the same time.

‘This is mother’s heart. Even if there’s a small scar on her child’s body, it is heart-rending.

Seeing just a little toe falling off from his feet really hurts me. I realized how anxious Heavenly Mother must have been seeing her loving children waiting to be sent to this land of death.

It was a natural thing for us to go through for our sins, but our Heavenly Mother sheds tears even today, considering Herself as a sinner.’

Coming back to our house, seeing my child sleeping on my back after being all exhausted from being frightened, I shed tears thinking about our Heavenly Mother.

Though I let Her worry even in Heaven, I still don’t seem to fully repent and always leave a scar on Her heart.

Seeing my foolish self, I couldn’t possibly forget how sorry I was.

I promised myself to change.

Without forgetting Her words that “We must be born again with a flawless faith,” I want to obey all Her words, to become a daughter who can give smiles to Her instead of scars.



Let’s all share true experiences that we had in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) so that people can awake themselves from lies made by the slanderers.

Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother is the true way to eternal life.

Let’s all share their love together! 🙂

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[Essay about Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s Love] Mother’s long-sleeve clothes – WMSCOG

I can’t believe it’s October already.

Time flies like an arrow!

Hope I can spend the rest of the 2013 fruitfully.

Who is worthy to be praised?

Our Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and our Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem!

Here’s another essay by a member of the World Misson Society Church of God, about God the Mother’s love.


Mother’s long-sleeve clothes

Frankly, I couldn’t understand why my mother had to wear long sleeves all the time.

Even throughout sizzling hot summers, she just had to wear long sleeve clothes.

Since she was satisfied feeding her children rather than herself, all day long she worked in the field for income.

All those sufferings that she had gone through under the sun created lengtigines on her arms, like a tattoo.


Leaving all the heaven’s glory behind, Heavenly Mother dwells with us, all covered with filthy sins.

She forgets all about Her pain when She sees Her children smile.

I now want to realize Her sufferings concealed behind her smiles.

Like Jacob and Issac, I want to be Her joy and Her smile.



Because of Heavenly Mother‘s teachings, we all can become true hearted. 🙂


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Ahnsahnghong sacrificed for His children – WMSCOG

Christ Ahnsahnghong’s sacrifice and love touches the whole universe

Father’s Cap – essay by a member of World Mission Society Church of God

My father raised us, three children, behalf of my mother who died early.

One day, my father started to wear my younger brother’s baseball cap that was all worn out.

My brother just carelessly threw it away around the corner of his room.

After a sudden, my father was diagnosed with hypo pharyngeal cancer.

After a big surgery and getting a treatment, he had his hair shaved.

I supposed he felt shy with his hair because he asked me to buy him a new hat.

I thought he was asking for a new baseball cap.

As I gave it to him, I thought he would just love it.

“Why didn’t you buy a gentlemen’s hat instead of a cap… A cap is childish…”

“This the kind that you loved wearing.”

I replied, thinking that he was just being stubborn without considering my heart.

But then my father said,

“Well, that was the only one in the house…”

Listening to his words, I felt so sorry and my heart ached so much.

My father didn’t wear that baseball cap because he liked it, but it was because he couldn’t afford buying a new hat raising his children all by himself.

I guess children don’t consider parents’ heart even if they become adults.

They just believe in what they believe in and just want to be praised…

Feeling sorry, I swallowed up my tears…


Father Ahnsahnghong always walked the path of pain and sorrow for these mere sinners that are so immature.

Who can fathom Christ Ahnsahnghong‘s love towards His children?

Who can truly consider His burning heart, wishing His children to return into God the Mother’s arms?

Not one of His children realized…

But now that we are with our Heavenly Mother, we are transforming into mature children of God.

We all love You and miss You Christ Ahnsahnghong.

May Your name be praised for ever and ever till the end.

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Personal realization – Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother

Personal Essays about Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s love –

Love that I really wanted to receive

Since childhood, I grew up often quarreling with my father because of my stubborn obstinacy and distinct supervision.

Since my father was too harsh on me,  he caused my heart to be far apart from his.

Fortunately, by the grace of God, he received forgiveness of sins before he went to heaven.

I always felt a sense of frustration in our relationship.

That’s why I envy so much of the people who spent their lives receiving father’s love.

Among those is my mother.

My mother grew up receiving a lot of love from my grandfather.

Living in difficult times and having pity for his children going through hardships, he put every effort with his work.

When my grandmother scolded her children severely, he rebuked grandmother and never to his children.

My mother never was criticized from his father, so I assume that she grew up receiving a lot of love from him.
I think my grandfather died when I was four or five.

When the funeral ended and the pallbearers went out with the coffin, my mother wailed and shrieked.

Being young, I couldn’t understand why she was in so much grief, so I just looked at her in a distance.

My mother talks more about my grandfather than grandmother.

Listening to her, every now and then I envy her because I could feel the fondness of her heart towards him.

There was a time when I said,
“Mom, you’re so lucky that you had a great father..”
And in those lamentation and resentment, I received the truth.
I don’t really have much of a great memory of my father.

But now I live longing for my Heavenly Father, who devotedly lived for His children more than anyone else.

Realizing that my spiritual Father walked the path of sacrifice persevering death for me, my love towards Him is becoming more deep.

I actually can also feel Heavenly Mother’s sacrifice.

Though I couldn’t understand the deepness of love in a person’s life, I give thanks to Elohim God, to our Jerusalem Mother for allowing me this realization of God’s deepest love.

And now I dare make a resolution that I would practice God’s love and sacrifice in the rest of my life of faith.

Let’s all walk in the life of faith with Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother in the World Mission Society Church of God.

How blessed are we to be with Them in the love of Elohim! 🙂

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